There are 393 Photo Albums going back many many Years Click on each link below to view the items listed
Updated 18th July 2022 last item added see 393

1..Our help for the Ukraine People
1a.. New Naval Reserve Officers
2..1st Pigeon Shoot 2018
3..Aer Corps Mass
4..AGM Waterford 2006
5..AGM and Annual Mass Dublin 2006
6..AGM Dublin 2007
7..An Slua Muiri Group Photo taken in Mulligar
8..An Slua Muiri No 1 Coy
9..An Slua Muiri Photo Gallery (9 pages)
10..An Slua Muiri Photos
11..An Slua Muiri my first Camp
12..Annual Camp 1945
13..Another Listing of our Web Pages
14..Application to Join Irish Naval Association
15..Aras Visit and President McAleese
16..At the 1916 plot Arbour Hill
17..Awards to Commodore Lynch from Argentina
18..Baldonnell Aerdrome
19..Ballydavid 2015
20..Ballydavid 2016
21..Ballydavid 2017
22..Ballydavid Mass and Wreath laying Ceremony 2016
23..Ballyfermot Memorial Unveiling 2019
24..Banquet 2006 Dublin Castle
25..Banquet Dublin Castle 2007
26..Belgium and France 1999
27..Belgium & France Nov 1999
28..Bob Mulrooneys (more Photos)
29..Bob Mulrooney's Funeral
30..Bob Mulrooney's Photo's
31..Boston 1996
32.Boston parade 1996
34..Brian Keogh's Navy Photos
36..Bryan Gildea INA Presidents Report 2017
37..Bryan Gildea Standown
38..Camden Fort Photos 1950's
39..Camden Fort Photos 60's and 70's
40..Captain Thomas Mckenna
41..Casement Aer Corps lecture 2007
42..Casement Cermonies 2017
43..Cathal Brugha Ceremony 2016
44..Cenotaph 2017
45..Cenotaph 2015
46..Cenotaph 2017 John Walsh's Photos
47..Cenotaph Parade 2017
48..City Quay Mass and wreath laying
49..Clonea Strand Hotel weekend 1999
50..Cmd Mark Mellett speeh on Admiral Brown
51..Cmdr Doyle NS
52..Colours Presentation 1995 LE Eithne
53..Commander George Crosbie Mass 2008
54..Commemoration Service Belfast 2007
55..Commodore Lynch Speech on Admiral Brown
56..Commodore Tully's INA Presentation
57..Commodore Tullys Stand Down
58..Con Donovan first visit to his Grandfathers Grave
59..Con Donovan's Standown
60..Con Dovan 1st visit to Grandfathers WW1 Grave
61..Conor Galvin Photo's
62..Conor Smyths Standown

63..Irish Naval Association Standing Orders 2023
63a.Irish Naval Association Constitution 2023

64..Cork An Slua Photos
65..Cork Branch Photos John Walsh
66..Cork Branch Photos John Walsh
67..Cork Branch Photos supplied by John Walsh
68..CPO Paul Nolan's Retirement party 7th Dec 2019
69..Creidne and Camden Photos 2008
71..Cruise MS Island Star c 2008
72..Cruise 2009 Royal Carribbean
72a..Cruise Ship Ms Orchestra
73..Cruise out from Venice
74..Cruise out from Venice (More Photo's)
74A..Cruise 2011 2011 our final report
76..Dail Visit
77..Deceased mass Waterford 2000
78..Deceased Mass waterford 2006
79..Deceased Members
80..Deceased Members (more details)
81..Deceased members Mass Dublin 2017
82..Defence Forces Concert NCH 2019
83..Eddie Farrell (Maritime Inscription)
84..Ens Harlan Twible USS Indianapolis Survivor
85..Events 1992-2015
86..Fitzwilton Function 2016
87..Flanders 1998
88..Flanders 1999
89..Fort Camden Photos
90..Fort Camden WW1 Ceremony 2018
90A..Fort Camden Videos
91..Fort Camden Annual Camp 1969
91A..Fort Camden 1967
92..Four Mast Visiting Ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano
93..Frank Lynch
94..Frank Lynch R.I.P
95..Frank Lynch takes RNA Salute Sept 2001
96..French Ship "Somme" awards an Irish Man
97..Funeral of Frank Lynch
98..Funeral of Ray Murphy
99..Gerry DeRenzy Standown
100..Gorsh Fock Visit to Dublin
101..Group Photo
103..Guillemont & Ginchy
104..Haulbowline George Crosbies Mass 2018
105..Herbert McManus
106..History and Events Irish Naval Association
107..History of our Association
108..HMS Thetis lecture
109..110..Hospice Harolds Cross Dublin
111..How the Cutty Sark Came about
112..Hugh O.Neill Retires
113..Ina commemorate 1916 Arbour Hill 2016
114..INA Constitution 1998

114A..INA Constitution 2023
114B..INA Standing Orders 2023

115..INA Events 1992 to 2017
116..INA march in Boston 1996
117..INA Memorial Window, Cathal Brugha
118..INA President Mick Philbin
119..Ireland of Ireland Peace Tower
120..Irish Naval Association Pics Waterford
121..Irish Naval Association Nautical College Visit 2007
122..Irish naval Association Parade in Mullingar
123..Irish Naval Association Revamped 1992
124..Irish Naval Associations visit to USCG "Tahoma"
125..Irish Navy Ships 1921
126..Island Bride and Nat Commemoration 2018
127..Jack English R.I.P.
128..Jadotville Ceremonies
129..Jim Brady's Books
130..Jim Corrigan old An Slua Photos
131.. Jim Fardeys Funeral
132..John O'Neill (NSR) Retires
132A..John McEvoy (NS) Photos
133..L.E. Eithne Trip Argentina 2006
134..L.E. Cliona Fire (Eye Witness Report)
135..L.E. Cliona Fire Cork Examiner
136..L.E. Cliona Fire Irish Independent
137..L.E. Deirdre
138..L.E. Eithnes Journey Diary
139..L.E. Macha WB Yeates Body Returned
140..L.E.Niamh trip to South Seas 2010
141..Lady Mayor Mary O'Halloran on LE Aoife
142..Launch of Admiral Brown Memorial
143..LE Eithne
144..LE Eithne Departs for Argentina
145..LE Eithne Photo's from Argentina
146..LE Eithne Trip to South America 2006
147..Libertad Sail Training Ship Visit to Dublin 2019
148..Liam Lyons Photo's
149..Liam O'Keeffe's Stand down
150..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 1
151..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 11
152..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 12
153..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 15
154..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 2
155..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 3
156..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 4
157..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 5
158..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 6
159..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 10
160..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 13
161..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 14
162..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 7
163..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 8
164..Limerick An Slua Muiri Photos 9
165..Limerick Branch Photos (Noel O'Neill) RIP
165a..Limerick visit Glasnevin
166..Links to An Slua Muiri Web Pages
167..L/S Michael Quinn Branch Annual Mass 2009
168..L/S Michael Quinn DSM Branch Mass Dublin 2009
169..L/S Michael Quinn DSM Details
170..L/S Michael Quinn DSM Drogheda Funeral Jan 1990
171..L/S Michael Quinn DSM Memorial Unveiling by President
172..L/S Michael Quinn DSM R.I.P. Mass in Drogheda
173..L/S Michael Quinn DSM Tragic death
174..L/S Michael Quinn DSM Ceremony 2020
175..L/S Michael Quinn DSM Ceremony at the Naval Base 2020
176..L/S Michael Quinn DSM Ceremony in Drogheda 2021
177..Lt. Cdr John Doyle NS
178..Lt. Conor Smyth's Stand Down
179..Lt. Healy Photos
180..Lt.Cdr O'Keeffe Standown
181..Lucas Lecture (Russian Military Attache)
182..Mansion House Reception prior to Boston Trip 1996
183.Maritime Festival
184..Maritime Festival
185..Maritime Festival 1996
186..Maritime Festival 1996 programme of events
187..Maritime Inscription orders 1945
188..Maritime Institute Lectures Terry Cummins
189..Maritime Service Belfast
190..Mark Mellett presentation at mansion House
191..Mary O'Halloran Mayor of Waterford
192.. Matt Comiskey
193..Matt Comiskey receives a certificate in Guillemont
194..Matt Comiskey Theipval Memorial 1999
195..Matt Comiskey's Uncle Patsy killed in WW1
196..Mayo Peace Park
197..Medal Presentation to INA Members
198..Memorial to L/S Michael Quinn DSM
199..Memorial Window unveiled cathal Brugha Barracks
200.. Menin Gate WW1 Cermony Willie Mynes
201..Messines 1998
202..Messines Peace Park 1998
203..Messines WW1 Peace Park
204..Mexican Training Ship "Cuauhtemoc"
205..Military Display (excellent)
206..Minister for Defence letter of no objection 1977
207..More details on our Parade in Boston 1997
208..More Web Page Listings
209..Mutiny on the Bounty Fletcher Christian
210..Naval Association History
211..Naval Service and its Story
212..Naval Service Commodore Frank Lynch (Mansion House)
213..Naval Service Commodore Frank Lynch (Reception)
214..Naval Service Commodore Frank Lynch Awards
215..Naval Service Commodore Frank Lynch Retires
216..Naval Service History
217..Naval Service History (Powerpoint Presentation)
219..Naval Service Photo
220..Naval Service Photo
221..Naval Service Photo
222..Naval Service Photo
223..Naval Service Photo's 3
223A..Naval Service photos 1950's 224..New Style Web pages
225..New Style Web Pages 2
226..New Style Web Pages 3
227..New Style Web Pages 4
228..New Style Web Pages 5
229..New Style Web Pages 6
230..New Style webpages
231..New Style webpages
232..New Style webpages
233..New Style webpages
234..New Style webpages
236..Normandy Day D landing sites
236A...More NS Photos
237..NS bring STY Asgard home 1961
238..NS John McEvoy
239..NS Old Photos
240..NS Pat Brennan Pics
241..NS Pat Brennan Pics
242..NS Paul Murphy
243..NS Photos
244..NS Photos
245..NS Photos Pat Brennan
246..NS Pics 1
247.. NS Pics 2
248..NS Ships from 1923
249..OLd An Slua Muiri Pics
250..Old An Slua Muiri Pics from John Walsh
251..ONET Mass 2012 Naval Base
252..ONET Mass Naval Base
253..ONET Mass Navalbase
254..Orders of Travel to Camp 1945
255..Our Annual Weekend Waterford 2009
256..Our Banquet in Dublin Castle
257..Our Barbecue in Paris 2005
258..Our First Cruise MV Island Star
259..Our Gala Dinner and Dance Waterford 2007
260..Our Oldest member at 90 years
261..Our Trip doen the Frenxh Canals
262..Our trip on the Shannon and Malachi O'Gallagher
263..Our visit to Casement Aerodrome 2006
264..Our visit to Mexican Sailing Ship Cautomac
265.. Our visit to President McAleese
266..Our visit to San Diago Naval Base 1998
267..Our visit to the Nautical College Cork 2007
268..Our visit to Waterford Crystal
269..Our weejend at the Clonea Strand Hotel 1999 270..Paddy Lynch Med Cruise Report
272..Pat Brennan Photos
273..Pat Brennan Photos
274..Pat Brennan Photos
275..Pat Brennan Photos
276..Pat Brennan Photos
277..Pat Brennans Photos
278..Pat Brennans Photos
279..Pat Brennans Photos
280..Patrick's Day Clonmel
281..Paul Murphy Photos
282..Pearl Harbour
283..Peter King
284..Peter King R.I.P.
285..Peter King R.I.P. Funeral
286..Piaras O'Connor Chain of Office Presentation
287..Piaras O'Connor past President
289..President McAleese
290..President Ray Murphy's Ashes scattered at Sea
291..Profile of our past Presidents
292..Rare photo's of Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbour
293..Ray Murphy
294..Rear Admiral Mark Mellett
295..Argentine Vessel; in Dublin Reception on Le Eithne for Admiral Brown
296..Reception on US visiting Ship
297..Retired An Slua Muiri Officers Dinner
298..RNA at our AGM Waterford 2006
299..RNA Irish Naval Association parade in Folkstone
300..RNA we parade in Folkstone
301..Roy Skinner at Scottisg Soldiers WW1 Grave
302..San Diego
302..Saint Lucia in Venice.
303..Sandiego Trip 1998
304..Sean Earley Retires
305..Sean lavin
306..Shannon 2008
307..Shannon Cruise
308..Shannon Trip 2007
309..Shay McCarthy R.I.P.
310..Shay McCarthys Ashes scattered at Sea
311..Slua Easter Parade 1958
312..Slua Muiri Photos
313..SM and INA
314..SM Dublin pics
315..SM Officers Dinner
316..SM Photos
317..SM Photos Fort Camden
318..SM Photos 3
319..SM Photos 4
320..SM Pics
321..SM Pics
322..SM Pics
323..SM Pics
324..SM Pics
325..SM Pics
326..SM Pics 10
327..SM Pics 5
328..SM Pics 7
329..SM Pics 8
330..SM Picture Gallery
331..SM Xmas Dinner menu (Dun Laoghaire)
332..Spanish Armada Commemoration Ceremony Sligo September 21st 2019
333..STY Creidne Refurbished
334..Tall Ships Story
335..Tallship Cutty Sark Story
336..Terry Cummins
337..The Fire on LE Cliona
338A..Terry Cummins Pics
338..The revamping of the Naval Association 1992
339..Thetis Submarine Loss
340..Thetis Submarine Memorial
341..Titanic Exhibition
342..Titanic Exhibition
343..Titanic Exhibition
344..Titanic Exhibition
345..Titanic Exhibition
346..Tom Hayes at 90 Years
347..Tomi Reichental a Belsen Survivor's lecture
348..Tommy McKenna Interview
349..Tommy McKenna LE Cliona's Ship Log
350..Tony Murray's 70th Birthday
351..Tony O Halloran's wife Mary Elected Mayor
352..Tony O.Halloran
353..Tony O'Halloran
354..Tony O'Halloran (Mayor O'Halloran & LE Aoife)
355..Tour of Submarine Pampanito
356..Tragic Loss of USS Indianapolis 1945
357..Tricolour Ceremony Waterford
358..Trim Memorial 2017
359..UN Vets
360..UN Vets Annual Wreath Laying 2007
361..Uniform of Irish naval Association
362..Unveiling Cermony Ballyfermot Dublin 2019
363..US Ships
365..Waterford Annual Mass 2008
366..Waterford Annual Mass 2006
367..Waterford Crystal Visit
368..Waterford Mass 2007
369..Waterford Parade in Clomel
370..Waterford weekend 2000
371..Thetis Ceremony Wales We attend HMS Thetis 60th Anniversary in Wales
372..We Cruise the River Shannon 2008
373..We parade in Boston 1996
374..We Parade with RNA in Liverpool
375..We visit the Normandy WW2 Landing Sites
376..Web More Pics on Web
377..Web Pages
378..Web Pages
379..Web Pages listing
381..Westport weekend Function
382..Window Unveiling
383..Wreath Laying City Quay 2007
384..WW1 Belgium and France 1999
385..WW1 Commemoration Fort Camden
386..WW1 Flanders 1998
387..WW1 Flanders 1998
388.. WW1 France
389..WW1 Peace park Messines 1998
390..WW1 Roy Skinner
391..WW1 War memorial Ennistymon
392..WW1 Ceremony Fort Camden 2018

393 CPO Ollie Gowran

============================================================================================================================= 74 VIDEOS on Youtube

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1..Boston 1996 arrival and function at Fort Devens
2..Boston Departure function in Mansion House 1996
3..Boston Function at Mansion House
4..Boston INA visit USS Salem
5..Boston we Ski in Boston
6..Bruge Menin Gate (Messines) 1998
7..Con Donovan France
8..Creidne 1989
9..Creidne Isle of Man
10..Creidne Mick Murphy
11..Creidne Terrys last Trip as Skipper
12..Cruise 1
13..Cruise 2
14..Cruise MSC Orchestra 2011 Video Tour
15..Cruise up the Fjords 2011
16..Deceased Members Video (with Music)
17..Dick Larkin sings at SM Xmas Function 1984
18..Ballydavid and Dingle 2017
19..Dublin Maritime Festival 1996
20..Events 1 Including Boston Trip
21..Events 2 OverSeas Ceremonies
22..Events 1992-2017
23..Events 5 INA Visits overseas
24..Flanders 1998
25..Foot and Arms Drill Display (Maritime Festival)
26..Fort Camden 2
27..Fort Camden 2013
28..Fort Camden a guided tour
29..Fort Camden Old and New
30..Fort Camden Older than your Granny
31..Guillmont and Ginchy 2006
32..Herbert McManus
33..Hospice thank you party 2018
34..Hospice thank you party 2018
35..Hospice thank you party 2018
36..INA Colours presentation 1995
37..INA March in Boston 1996
38..John Stuart sings
39..John Stuart sings again
40..Kieran Connors Entertains
41..L.E Niamh Returns to Cork
42..L.E. Niamh at Gun Drill
43..L.E. Niamh in Buenas Aires
44..LE Niamh Mexican Navy Parade to LE Niamh
45..Liam Lyons feet of flames
46..London parade to Cenotaph
47..Maritime Festival 1996
48..Maritime Festival Navy Pipe band Dublin 1996
49..Matt Comiskey lays a wreath at Thepival
50..Mayo Peace park Opening
51..Merrion Sq Drill Display
52..No 1 Coy An Slua Muiri Xmas Dinner Dun Laoghaire
53..Old Naval Service Photos
54..Piaras O'Connor (80th Birthday Haulbowline)
55..Piaras O'Connor (Chain of Office)
56..Piaras O'Connor lovely tribute from his family
57..Recruit passing out 1992
58..Recruit passing out 1993
59..RNA web links
60..Robert Mulrooney
62..Submarine Tour
63..Terrys Cummins Commission Ford Camden 1983
64..Terry Cummins Stand down 1996
65..Thomas Francis meagher 2013
66..Tony Murray Birthday party
67..Waterford 2016
68..Waterford Mass
70..Commissioning Ceremony for An Slua Muiri 1988
71..Spanish State Funeral for Soldiers killed in Aircrash
72..Events 3
75..Limerick Ship Visit 2022

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1..Cruise out of Venice
2..Deceased Members
3..Flag Drill Funeral Ceremony
4..History of the Irish Naval Service
5.. Irish Naval Service
6..Our members WW1 relatives graves
7..Deceased Member (Music Added)

=============================================================================================================================== 32..Irish Naval Service Videos

1..The Irish Navy
2..Le Butler Yeates maiden Vouage
3..President Higgins Fleet Review 2012
4..Irish Navy Year at Sea
5..Navy Recruits Passing Out 2015
6..Irish Navy Operates in the mediterrean
7..Irish Naval Service
8..P22 Colides with Pier
9..Standoff with japanese Fishermen
10..Career in the Irish Navy
11..Irish Navy bans reporter
12..Open Day on LE Samuel Beckett
13..LE Ciara
14..LE Roisin
15.. LE Emer
16..Excellence through people Irish navy
17..Irish and British Ships at Foynes
18..The Navy P1 Eps1
10..The Navy P1 Eps2
20..The Navy P1 Eps3
21..The Navy P1 Eps4
22..The Navy P1 Eps5
23..The Navy P2 Eps1
24..The Navy P2 Eps2
25..The Navy P2 Eps3
26..The Navy P2 Eps4
27..The Navy P2 Eps5
28..The Navy P3 Eps1
29..The Navy P3 Eps3
30..The Navy P3 Eps3
31..The Navy P3 Eps4
32..The Navy P3 Eps5