In 1994 the members of the Dublin Branch Irish Naval Association changed its name to "The Leading Seaman Michael Quinn DSM Branch" in honour of L/S Quinn and the tragic loss of his young life while attempting a rescue of Spanish Seamen from their stricken Fishing Vessel on rocks in terrible Sea conditions off Bantry Bay
Leading Seaman Michael Quinn DSM

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George Long
George Long was recognised in our Dublin Branch as one of the real genuine Gents and was very well liked by all who came in contact with George down the Years.
George joined the Naval Service in the 50's and served for several Years. When the Naval Association was revamped in 1992 George was one of the first to join, and never missed any organised overseas trips or local functions organised ny the Naval Association.
It was a sad Day on the 1st of August 2018 when we learned of Georgie's Death and it was fitting that the Naval Association provided a 30 man Guard of Honour at his Funeral
In the attached link to our website you will see at the beginning Georgie with his usual smiling face
as he enters the grounds of the Thiepval War Memorial on one of our trips abroad.

Theipval Memorial

Lt.Cdr.Jim Corrigan passed away on the 2nd November 2017.

Jim was an Officer in the Irish Naval Reserve attaining the rank of Lt. Cdr and officer commanding the Limerick Branch of the Naval Service Reserve.

When Jim retired from Irish Shipping as an Engineering Officer and retired on age grounds from the Naval Reserve Jim joined the Limerick Branch of the Irish Naval Association and was very active up to his untimely Death

Terry McGowan passed away on the 23rd September 2016.

In his earlier Years Terry was an Irish Army Officer and for some time attached to the Naval Base in Haulbowline, After Terry retired from the Army he worked for an American Airline Company and joined the Limerick Branch of the Irish Naval Association, and was also the General Treasurer of the Irish Naval Association.

Lt.Cdr Mulrooney SM (Retd)

O/C Limerick An Slua Muiri
Founder member of the Limerick Branch and former President of Irish Naval Association.

Following a very short illness Robert passed away on Christmas Eve 2016


Funeral of Lt.Cdr.Mulrooney

Lt.Cdr Mulrooney Years in the Naval Reserve

Robert Mulrooney's President INA

The Grave of a Scottish Soldier

Pierce Power
Pierce Power

Pierce was a Petty Officer attached to the Cadre Staff until reaching the age of retiring at 60 years of age, following 42 years in the Naval Service. Pierce has been a member of the Naval Association for many years. Pierce passed away suddenly at home in August 2016

His colleagues in the Dublin Branch of the Naval Association were Pall Bearers at the Funeral celebrated by Fr.Des Campion the Naval Chaplain and assisted by former NSR Lt.Jimmy Fennell now an ordained Deacon of the Catholic Church.

Paddy Watts
Paddy Watts

Paddy Watts joined the Naval Service in the 1950's and was called "The Crow" by his Navy Colleagues because of his big head of Black Hair.
Paddy joined the Naval Association in 1992 and travelled on many of our trips at home and abroad, particulary to the USA and France.
Paddy has not been well for a long time and passed away in Hospital in February 2016

Frank Cassidy
Frank Cassidy

Frank joined No2 Company An Slua Muiri in 1960 and went on to achieve the Rank of Petty Officer.

Frank was a keen Sailor and was crew member on many trips at home and Abroad particulary on many weeend trips to the Isle of Man and to Holyhead in Wales Frank was also a great Cook and acted as our Chef on the Creidne Trips. Frank joined the Naval Association in 1992 and travelled on many of our trips to the USA and France.

Frank had not been well and died in Hospital in 2015

Herbert McManus
Herbert McManus

Joined An Slua in 1954 and served for many years. Herbert joined the Naval Association in 1998 and had never missed any trips until his sickness which eventually was his sad ending. He will be missed by all his colleagues

John Keohane
John Keohane

Joined An Slua in 1960 and served for many years. He was commissioned as an Officer in 1975 and served until reaching retirement age. On retirement John joined the Naval Association. It was unfortunate that ill health set in and he struggled on for a few years before passing away in October 2014.

Gerry DeRenzy
Gerry DeRenzy (Retd)
Passed away on Saturday 25th January 2014. Lt.Cdr. DeRenzy Former Officer Commanding No 2 Coy. An Slua Muiri (Naval Service Reserve) until his retirement in 1986. A life long member of the Irish Naval Association he will be sadly missed by all his former colleagues in the Navy and the Naval Association. Gerry was also a very successful business man running his own business for many years. A keen Golfer and a member of the Bohemians musical society and guest performer regularly singing with his fine Baritone Voice
The Naval Association rendered Naval Honours at the Church and Cemetery. Deepest sympathy was extended to his wife Carmel son Liam and twin daughters, Eileen and Eithne.

See ..... photo of Gerry's stand down Parade

Listen on Youtube Gerry Sings .....Because I love you so Machree

Jack English
Jack English

Joined the Naval Service in the 50's and served for many years. Jack joined the Naval Association in 1994 and has travelled on many trips at home and abroad Jack was a great singer and always gave a song when asked. It was while he was with us in Coventry in June 2014 at the Royal Naval Conference that he collapsed and died of a heart attack.

Paddy Farren
Paddy Farren

Paddy was a member of the Naval Service for many years in the 50's 60's and joined the Naval Association in 1992 and was an active member participating in nearly all trips abroad and all functions at home until his death in February 2013

Tom and Breda Dooley
Tom Dooley

Tom joined the Marine Service in 1943 subsequently renamed the Naval Service in 1946. Tom joined the Naval Association in 1992 and was a very active participant in all its functions and trips abroad. Tom was ill on and off for several months and despite great Hospital care Tom passed away on September 7th 2012 and was rendered Naval Association Honours by all his colleagues in the Naval Association.

Tom's wife Breda continued to be an active Associate member of the Naval Association in Dublin and continued as a member of the social committee until Breda's death in January 2018.

Sean Meleady
Sean Meleady

Sean spent a few years as a member of No 2 Coy An Slua Muiri in the 70's and 80's. Sean joined the Naval Association in 1997 and participated in all function and trips abroad. In 2008 Sean underwent treatment and surgery for Cancer which prevented him from participating in our first Cruise abroad, however, although he was still recovering from further treatment in 2009 he went came on our Mediterranean Cruise out of Venice.

Although Sean seemed to be recovering from his Cancer it unfortunately came back and Sean passed away peacefully on the 6th April 2010. Sean is buried in Esker Cemetery Lucan close to our colleagues Tom Dooley and Piaras O'Connor

Peter King

Dymphna and Peter
Senior Chief Petty Officer, Peter King (Irish Naval Service Reserve) was to retire in February 2004 after 44 years service, was tragically killed in a car crash while travelling through Liverpool on Wednesday 8th October 2003. Dymphna his wife for 35 years also lost her life. They had visited the UK to be with their daughter Tara to celebrate the 1st birthday of one of Peter and Dymphna's grandchildren. Sadly two more in the car with Peter and Dymphna also lost their lives, Their daughter Tara's mother-in-law Mrs Barbara George and her mother-in-laws sister (Mrs. Stella Murphy) died in the car accident. The car was driven by Stella Murphy's Husband. He miracously survived this terrible tragedy. In keeping with tradition Peter was rendered full Naval Honours. All sections of the Defence Forces were represented. A Piper from the Irish Air Force led the cortege along the route to the grave. Lined up on each side was senior Officers, N.C.O's and Ratings from the Naval Service, Naval Service Reserve, Irish Army, Army Reserve, Irish Naval Association, and Organisation of National ex-service men and Women and many other organisations who were present to support Peter's and Dymphna's extended families. Senior Chief King's commanding officer Lt.Cdr.Vincent Smallhorne presented the family with a certificate of Senior Chief King's service which was 44 Years and 8 days. Tara's husband and some of his family came to Dublin to support his wife Tara and her three brothers Marcus (eldest son) and her other twin brothers Peter and Richard. It adds to all their grief that Tara and her husband accompanied by Peter and Dymphna's family returned to England to prepare for the burial of Tara's husband's Mother and Aunt. Their parish Priest in London came to Dublin to support Tara and her Husband and returned with them to London for the funerals over there. S.C.P.O King will be sadly missed by all who served and sailed with him over the 43 years as he strived to give his full committment to the Naval Service Reserve, while bulding a home, rearing his family and achieving a senior position in the educational sector as a senior lecturer. The Naval Association extend deepest sympathy to Peter and Dymphna's family here in Ireland and to Tara's Husbamd's family in England.

See Peter and Dymhna's last journey to their resting place, Click ..Here ..

Dick larkin
SCPO Dick Larkin

Dick joined the Maritime Inscription in 1943 which subsequently was renamed An Slua Muiri in 1947 and rose through the ranks to Senior Chief Petty Officer and retired on reaching the retirement age for his rank in 1986. Dick as he was known to his friends will always be remembered for his catch phrase "Hello There".

Dick was to travel to Boston in 1996 with the Naval Association to participate in the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Naval Service in 1946 (formerly The Marine Service). However Dick got sick some weeks before we were to travel and passed away on Wednesday 13th March 1996 two days short of his 70th Birthday. many will remember the Mass celebrated by the US Military Chaplain at Fort Deven's on Friday 15th (the Day Dick was buried)at the close of his sermon the Chaplain referring to Dick said I some how believe at this momemnt Dick is arriving in heaven and saying to God "Hello There"

Hear Dick singing ..I know a millionaire".. (scroll to 3.40 or half way)

Audie Devlin
Audie Devlin

Former Lt. No 2 Coy An Slua Muiri joined the Naval Association in 1992. Travelled overseas to participate in the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade in 1996 and again to San Diego in 1998. Excellent on the Guitar and many will remember Audie singing "Jessie James" and "Maggie May" Audie died around 2007/2008

Christy King
Christy King

Christy King joined An Slua Muiri in March 1958 and left in the mid seventies. Christy joined the Naval Association in 1992 and was one of the Banner bearers heading our group of 185 in the Boston St.Patrick's Day Parade.

While working as Foreman in Dakota Printing works in September 1998 Christy collapsed and died of a heart attack. Christy is buried first turn left inside the gates of Mount Jerome Cemetery, Christy's grave is about 10 graves down on the left.

CPO Shay McCarthy
Shay McCarthy

Joined An Slua Muiri in 1955 and served 43 years before retiring on age grounds in November 1998. Shay was an excellent Mechanic and anyone who skippered the sail training vessel STY Creidne would be very happy to have Shay as their ERA on the many trips coastal and overseas. Many a night in bad weather with a problem engine Shay would be down in the smelly bilge fixing the engine when both engine and sail was needed.
Shay was a lovely singer and many times we listened as he sang "Anna Marie".
Shay died in St. James Hospital on march 12th 2005. Following Naval Association rendereing Naval Honours at his funeral Shay was creamated. A few days later a Naval Reserve launch under Lt.Sean Earley NSR brought Shay's Family out off Dun Laoghaire to scatter Shay's ashes in the area Shay enjoyed many years training and sailing as a member of An Slua Muiri. It was a sad moment as Shays two Daughters Sharon and Debbie and Son Seamus Jnr.scattered the ashes off the Launch as P/O John O'Neill piped from the After Deck

Sadly Shay's son Seamus Jnr. Passed away from a Brain Tumor at a relatively young age.

..Shay's Funeral..
See Also Shays sings his party piece

Piaras O'Connor
Piaras O'Connor

Naval Asssociation (President 1994-1998) Joined the Marine Service in 1940 where he became an Engine Room Artificer, he served on the Mine Planting Vessel, Shark. Piaras was both boxing and physical training instructor in the service. He served until 1948. A brother of Piaras's was one of the officers who took over Beggar's Bush Barracks in 1922 and later was C. O. of Cathal Brugha Barracks, Colonel Padraig O'Connor's name is listed on the board in the Officers Mess.

Piaras at 84 years made a decision that he would undergo a necessary life saving heart operation and following a triple byepass enjoyed 2 more years of good health. Unfortunately Piaras had a slight stroke and developed other health problems and subsequently died on St Patricks day 2004. Piaras was 86 and was rendered full Naval Honours at Esker Cemetery.

Piaras's son has put a wonderful tribute (Video) on Youtube to his Father and to his Mother Rose

See Piaras's Profile

Frank Lynch
Lt.Cdr.Frank Lynch

Naval Association President 1992-1994 Joined the Maritime Inscription in 1943, and was posted to Dublin Port Control.The name changed to An Slua Muiri in 1946, and Frank was commissioned to officer rank in 1955. Frank was a great rifleman and won the overall best individual shot on many an occasion. He took command of No. 2 Coy, An Slua Muiri in 1969 where he achieved the highest rank which can be attained in An Slua Muiri, Lt. Cdr., he stood down in 1983 with 40 years voluntary service. Outside of An Slua Muiri, Frank was a keen soccer player and referee. He probably gave as many years to football as he did to An Slua Muiri (now renamed Naval Service Reserve). Frank fell ill and died in 2005. Frank was rendered full Naval Honours by the Naval Association

See also Frank takes the salute at Roynal Naval Association memorial service

Ray Murphy
Ray Murphy

Naval Association President 1998-2000 Joined the Marine service in 1941 and served on the Motor Torpedo Boats as anEngine Room Artificer until 1945. Ray was a great swimmer as a young man and won many trophies while in the service. Ray spent most of his civilian life with Aer Lingus and did a lot of overseas contract work. Ray and his wife Monica are great singers and are pillars of the R. & R Musical Society.

Ray passed away suddenly on Tuesday 26th November 2001 in the manner in which he lived, peacefully and gently. May he Rest in Peace. At his Cremation he was rendered full honours.

It was the families wish that Ray's ashes would be scattered off Roche's Point in Cork Harbour. 88 members of the Naval Association travelled to Cork to participate in this moving ceremony. Our Chaplain Fr.Des campion assisted at the ceremony.

See Ray's Ashes .. scattered in Cork Harbour..

Michael Philbin
Michael Philbin

Naval Association President 2001-2002 Joined the Marine Service 1946, which became the Naval Service later that year.Michael served on the Motor Torpedo Boats, and the Corvettes, and was for many years a physical instructor in the service, he left the service in 1952 with the rank of Leading Seaman. After his period in the service, Michael went into commercial banking where he remained until his retirement.

In July 2002 while driving on a remote country road in his native county of Westport in the west of Ireland, Michael suffered a heart attack and his car left the road and overturned into a ditch. Unfortunately Michael was dead before anyone had an opportunity to render any assistance. Michael was rendered full Naval Honours in Dublin before his cremation in Dublin. As was his wish his ashes were scattered into the sea off Westport

See Micks profile

Peter Marrey
Peter Marrey

Peter joined An Slua Muiri in 1950 and rose through the Ranks to Lieutenant and retird on age grounds in 1989.

Peter joined the Naval Association in 1995 and participated in several of our trip abroad.While we did attend peter's Funeral we are not sure of the year peter died. We will correct this in due course.

Tom Doherty
Tom Doherty

Tom like many of his colleagues in the Naval Association, joined the Marine Service in 1943 and continued in the Naval service for many years.Tom and his wife suffered the tragic double death of their daughter and grandaughter and it had a terrible lasting effect on their lives. Tom passed away in 2009

Paddy Redmond
Paddy Redmond

Paddy was a former member of the Naval Service. He joined the Naval Association in 1998 and remained a member until his death in March 2009

Michael Buckley
Michael Buckley

Michael served in the communications branch of the Naval Service in the 60' 70's. Michael joined the Naval Association when the Association was revamped in 1992 and served as Treasurer. Michael was very active and participated in many trips abroad including the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade and trips to the WW1 battle sites.

See Michael receive the National Colours onboard LE Eithne 1995

Jimmy Lambard
Jimmy Lamberd

Jimmy served in the Naval Service in 50's. Jimmy joined the Naval Association in 1992 and travelled to the USA on both our trips to the States

Peadar Somers
Peadar Somers

Peadar served in the Marine Service and the Naval Service in 40's and 50's. Peadar joined the Naval Association in 1992, and participated in all our trips up to his last trip in March 1998 when he and wife Angela travelled with us to San Diego. However, Peadar was not well in San Diego and spent most of the week in bed in the Hotel. Peadar was ill for the next few months and passed away in August 1998 Peadar always had a love for the Sea and after his service in the Naval Service joined Irish Shipping. It was his wish that his ashes be scattered at Sea...

See Angela scatters Peadar's Ashes at Sea

Frank Wynne
Frank Wynne

Joined An Slua Muiri (Naval Reserve) in 1954 rising through the ranks to Petty Officer. Frank joined the Naval Association in 1992 and although not certain of actaul date he passed away we believe it was 2009

Liam Clarke
Liam Clarke

Joined the Naval Service in 1962 and for a number of years was on the Cadre Staff attached to Cathal Brugha Barracks Dublin until his death while still in service on the 29th November 2000. Liam was a member of the Naval Association and one high light of his membership was his first sking trip with the Naval Association in 1999

He is sadly missed by all his colleagues in the Naval Service and the Naval Association.

Also to be remembered and hopefully photo's and details will be added when they are at hand.

Patrick Butler

Patrick served in the Naval Service in 50's. Patrick joined the Naval Association when the Association was revamped in 1992 and participated in many trips abroad including the Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade and trips to the WW1 Battle sites.

Peter Fitzpatrick

Peter served in the Marine Service 1943 to 1946 and then the Naval Service Naval Service in 50's. Peter joined the Naval Association in 1992

Basil Switzer R.I.P.

Jim Walsh R.I.P.

Our General Secretary 1992 to 1994

Deceased members on Youtube with music