History of the Irish Naval Association 1992-2016

In 1961 following a ceremonial presentation of Colours to An Slua Muiri to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Maritime Inscription it was proposed that a Naval Association should be formed and that former members of the Maritime Inscription should be encouraged to join.

On the 27th August 1962 a meeting was held in the Maritime Institute in Dun Laoghaire and chaired by Mr.P Le Clerc. Mr Le Clerc proposed that an association of former members of the Maritime Inscription and An Slua Muiri should be established and called the Irish Naval Association. The motion was carried unanimously. It was also proposed that Mr. P Le Clerc and Mr.E Murphy would arrange an Inaugurial meeting in October and invite as many former members of the Maritime Inscription and An Slua Muiri.

The first Inaugurial meeting of the Irish Naval Association was held on the 1st October 1962 in the Nautical College, West Pier, Dun Laoghaire. In attendance were:-

Col. A.T. Lawlor (first Director of the Marine and Coast Watching Service and the Maritime Inscription) who chaired the meeting

Mr. Eoin Fox
Mr. P. Le Clerc
Mr. E. McNally
Mr. A. O'Reilly
Mr. W. Dalton
Mr. J. McAsey
Mr. D. Byrne
Mr. L. Kearns
Mr. P. Wylie
Mr. A. Thompson
Mr. S. O'Hanlon
Mr. E. Murphy
Mr. B Mulvey
Mr. D. Beirne
Mr. P.Comerford
Mr. D. Glynn
Mr. T. Plunkett
Mr. A Riddle
Mr. W Deegan

Following an election of a committee, the following persons were elected.

Chairman... Mr. E McNally
Secretary...Mr. B Mulvaney
Treasurer...Mr. A O'Reilly

It was further agreed that membership of the Irish Naval Association would also include former members of the Marine Service and the Naval Service.

In July 1963 paid up membership stood at 52. A Draft of the proposed Irish Naval Association Constitution was read and further amendments was added.

At a general meeting held in the Nautical College, West Pier, Dun Laoghaire on the 10th February 1964 the constitution of the Irish Naval Association was passed uninamously.

At this Inaugurial Meeting a President Mr. E.McNally and a Vice President Mr.P.Le Clerc were also elected.

On the 30th July 1963, Following negotiations between the committee members of the Irish Naval Association and members of the Naval Branch ONE it was unanimously agreed there should be one strong Naval Association so the Naval Branch O.N.E have withdrawn their affiliation to O.N.E. and have joined the Irish Naval Association.

On the 26th Nov 1963 the chairman read a letter from a Mr.Duggen in Limerick who was enquiring about the Naval Association as a group in Limerick were intending to form a similar association. At the January meeting on the 13th January 1964 the chairman Mr.McNally updated the meeting on the proposal of the Limerick Group to join the Association. The Chairman welcomed their intention of joining the Naval Association and advised they adhere as closely as possible to the new Naval Association Constitution, as it would be an advantage to have unanimity when other Branches were formed.

On the 8th February 1965 it was agreed that the group in Limerick will be known as the Limerick Branch of the Naval Association. It was also reported that the former Naval Branch O.N.E would now be called the Cork Branch of the Naval Association. Both Branches in Cork and Limerick have adopted the Constitution of the Naval Association. It was also been proposed that, as there was a large number of former members of both the Naval Service and An Slua Muiri living in Dublin a Dublin Branch should be formed. It was further agreed that there would be a meeting held to establish a central council.

A meeting was held in the central Hotel in Dublin to establish a central council. The following was elected.
President:- Commander George Crosbie (Cork)
Secretary:- Mr. J. Ducie (Dun Laoghaire)
Treasurer:- Mr. P Le Clerc (Dun Laoghaire

In 1977 several representations by Commodore Tommy Mckenna (retd) patron of the Naval Association to FOCNS Commodore P Kavanagh, and the Staff of the Defence Forces and then Minister for Defence, 27th April 1977 the Flag Officer Captain Peter Kavanagh confirmed he had no objection to the Naval Association and serving personnel being members. Ref:- 3/74990 Naval Headquarters

Comdt P Flynn replied on behalf of the Chief od Staff
" I am directed by the Chief od Staff to say there is no objection to serving personnel being members of the Naval Association. Ref: 10/5/1977

Commodore McKenna wrote to the Minister for Defence.

"I have been requested by the President and Executive Council of the Naval Association of which I am Patron to forward the Constitution of the Naval Association for your perusal with a request that the association may be added to the list of Ex Defence Forces Organisations enjoying the blessing of the Minister for Defence. In March 1977 Commodore Mckenna received the following reply
To the best of our recollection this constitution was submitted to your office at the time of its adoption in 1964 but can trace no correspondance to to bear this out, hence the submission at this late stage. In reply to this correspondance the then Minster for Defence Oliver J. Flanagan TD replied that there was no recollection of having received the constitution of the Naval Association but he had no objection to such an association or Serving Officers, NCO's and Ratings been members of such an association.

The Naval Association established in 1962 saw a sharp fall off in attendence during the late 1980's and eventually activities ceased in 1990. In 1992 interest was again expressed in revamping the Naval Association. Former members of the Naval Association and former and serving members of the Naval Service and An Slua Muiri were invited to attend a meeting with a view to revamping the Association

24th March 1992

At a meeting held at the Stella Maris Seafarers Club, in Dublin. Interest was again rekindled. At this meeting an Executive Council was elected and the first branch of the Naval Association was formed and subsequently called the Leading Seaman Michael Quinn Branch after L/S Quinn who lost his young life in an attempt to rescue stranded Spanish Sailors from their stricken trawler off Bantry. As no other Branches were functioning an Executive Council was setup With Former No Coy 2 An Slua Muiri O/C Lt. Cmdr Frank Lynch as President.

It was further agreed that a Dublin Branch be officially formed resulting in Terry Cummins a serving Lieutenant in No 2 Coy An Slua Muiri as Chairman. Declan Pendred a serving CPO in No1 Coy An Slua Muiri was elected Vice Chairman. Paul Kellett ex Naval Service was elected Secretary and Michael Buckley ex Naval Service was elected Treasurer.

Following a number of meetings, sub-committees were established to pursue the aims of the Association, which are: -·

  • To promote Social, Cultural, Educational and Sporting Activities.
  • To establish a comprehensive listing of all ex members of the different sections of the Naval Services since 1939.
  • To render Aid and Assistance, when necessary.
  • To promote and further interests in matters appertaining to the sea
  • To maintain the sea faring traditions of the Irish Nation.

On the 25th May an active Branch of The Naval Association was established in Waterford, Retired O/C No 3 Coy An Slua Muiri Lt. Cdr. Michael Burke was Chairman, Mr.Pankart Secretaty, Serving CPO An Slua Muiri Tony Kennedy Treasurer, and Serving CPO An Slua Muiri Tony O'Halloran P.R.O

March 1994
The Naval Association had its first goodwill visit to the Royal Naval Association at Holyhead.

Great credit and thanks is due to Declan Pendred who designed the Naval Association Crest, Cap Badge, Tie, Naval Association Colours and also arranged with a local Clothing Supplier to have in stock all the necessary items to fully clothe our members, The Chairman urged all members to conform to the new code of dress i.e. Black Single Breast Blazer with INA pocket Crest, Dark Grey Slacks, White Shirt and INA Tie.

Before closing the meeting the Secretary read a letter from Lt.Cdr.Mark Mellet (NS) requesting members of the association to assist the Navy with their Dublin Boat Push in aid of Disabled Sailing Club. It was agreed the Branch would help out and this would be conveyed to Lt.Cdr. Mellett

At a meeting held on the 1st April 1993 the Secretary Paul Kellett informed the meeting he wished to step down as Secretary due to work committments. Following a discussion Terry Cummins stood down as Chairman and offered to take the position of Secretary. Following an election Declan Pendred was elected Chairman, Brian Keogh Vice Chairman, Terry Cummins Secretary, Michael Buckley Treasurer.

Following the meeting Piaras O'Connor gave a 15 minute talk on his period in the Marine Service 1939-1946 and his early days in the Naval Service from 1946 onwards.

October 1993 The Chairman Declan Pendred produced a mock-up of the Naval Association Colours which will be sponsored by Dublin Port and Docks. It was passed unanimously by the Dublin Branch members and the Executive Council that the Colours should be adopted as the Naval Association Colours.

Terry Cummins informed the meeting that he had held discussions withn the Group Officer Lt.John Leech with a view to gaining permission for our Branch to hold our meetings in Cathal Brugha Barracks. Lt.Leech discussed this with the Officer Commanding Cathal Brugha Barracks who had no objection to the Naval Association holding meetings in Cathal Brugha Barracks provided with could produce some form of Identification. Terry Cummins informed Lt.Leech that he would produce ID Cards for our members and also have a comprehensive list left at the main gate which will have our members Name, Address, Phone Number and Defence Force Number. A copy would also be given to the Cadre Staff.
The Secretary Terry Cummins then read an invitation from the RNA in Holyhead inviting us to pay them a visit on the weekend of 20th/21st November 1993. The RNA would host a reception in our honour at their Club on Saturday night 20th November 1993

Formal written Sanction was received from the O/C Cathal Brugha Barracks granting the Dublin Branch permission to hold our meeting in Cathal Brugha Barracks commencing on the 6th January 1994

4th August 1994 The Chairman told the meeting the mock-up of the Naval Association Colours has been submitted to the Chief Heralds Office.
The Secretary Terry Cummins said he had received a phone call from Lt.Cdr Jack Hickey (NS) on behalf of the Naval Service 50th Anniversary Board who were organising a series of events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Naval Service. Lt.Cdr Hickey said the committee would like the Naval Association to organise something in Dublin and it was suggested a Maritime Festival might be organised.
This motion and request was but to the meeting and all were in favour of accepting the request.

The Chairman said it was hoped that the Naval Association Colours sponsored and presented by Dublin Port would be available and presented sometime in November and that it might take place on board LE Eithne if possible.

3rd October 1994

Plans were set in motion to host a Maritime Festival along the City Quays during May 1996. The Flag Officer Commodore John Kavanagh has agreed the ceremonial handover of the Naval Association Colours will take place on Board LE Eithne.

The Dublin Branch 50th anniversary steering committee held a meeting with representatives of the Naval Service, Dublin Port, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Dublin Tourism, Dublin Corporation and a representative for Ruiri Quinn TD Minister for the Environment and outlined the Dublin Branch proposals for the Dublin Maritime Festival to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Naval Service. There was an excellent response and support from those in attendance

November 1994
Naval Association Colours are presented to our Association by the Harbour Master of Dublin Port on board the Naval Flagship LE Eithne. A Guard of Honour from the Naval Reserve under S/Lt Stephen Murphy, the Band from the Southern Command under Cmdt. Mark Armstrong and representatives from the Royal Naval Associations from Anglesey and Birkenhead added to the occasion. ....See Colours

See..... Video of presentation...
July 1995

The Secretary read a letter from the Executive Council in support of the Dublin Branch Proposal that Captain Fergus Britton (Dublin Port) would be made an Honorary Member in recognition of his contribution to the Naval Association
5th October 1995

The membership of the Dublin Branch stands at 72. The first meeting of the Re-Vamped Cork Branch was also held on this date with Former Warrent Officer Michael Martin (NS) chairing the meeting in Cork.

Following the meeing in Cork the following was elected:-

Michael Martin....Chairman
Peadar Tumulty....Vice Chairman
Eddie lalor.......Secretary
Joe Reville.......Treasurer
Delegates to Executive Council:-
Bernard McCarthy
Owen O'Keeffe

November 1995

At a major function held in the Head Quarters of Dublin Port, The Naval Association launched its plans for a Maritime Festival, to be held at City Quay Dublin as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations on the establishment of the Naval Service at the end of WW2. The large gathering at this function included 10 Foreign Ambassadors and all the Military Attaches resident in Dublin.

January 1996

An Annaul Insurance was taken out to cover Public Liability and indemnify the Minister for Defence on any possibly claims while the Naval Association use the Army Barracks facilities. It was further agreed the Dublin Branch would pay the Annual Insurance and reimbursed by the Executive Council when funds were available

March 1996

To publicise the forthcoming Dublin Maritime Festival The Naval Association paraded their new colours for the first time in the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This was at the invitation of Col. William Thorpy the US Military Attaché in Dublin and the American Ambassador to Ireland Mrs. Jean Kennedy Smith. Col.Thorpy organised Fort Devens in Boston as our base and provided 3 military transport including 3 US Army drivers during our stay. This also included a visit to WestPoint Military Academy. Of the 158 members of the Naval association who marched in the Boston St Patrick’s Day Parade 85 Officers, NCOs and Ratings marched in full Naval Uniform. The first time such a large number of Naval Personnel marched in uniform outside the state.

Col Thorpey also organised that all the Naval Association would be accommodated in Fort Devens Military Base in Boston and that two Military Coaches would be at our disposal during our stay in the USA

See Details

June 1996
Tall Ships and foreign Naval Ships lined the City Quays in Dublin for this 4 day event organised by The Naval Association to celebrate 50 years of the Irish Naval Service.

See Naval Service History"

    See ...Film of events..
    • The launching of the Festival by the Minister of Finance Mr. Rory Quinn T.D. who prior to the official launch inspected a Guard of Honour drawn from the Naval Service Reserve under the command of Lt. Stephen Murphy. The Army No.1 Band played the honours under the command of Lt.Col. Joe Ryan.
    • A Maritime Exhibition.
    • Mass celebrated by the Arch-Bishop of Dublin.
    • Blessing of the visiting Fleet.
    • Many musical events including two concert performances by 60 members of the by Wexford Symphonia playing from the Guinness mobile stage at City Quay.
    • Naval Drill Display
    • Maritime Exhibition at the Riverside Centre
    • Competition for Transition Students

    Banquet in Dublin Castle Guests included Mr. Bertie Ahern T.D. newly elected Leader of the Fianna Fail Party...
    see Film of Banquet

    The visit of the Tall Ships and the festival was seen as the fore-runner to the visit of the Tall Ships in 1998 and the visit in July of the JFK, which was planned originally by Col Torpey during our initial meeting to be in Dublin for our Festival. However, the logistics of getting the thousands of JFK’s crew ashore while anchored off Dublin Bay needed organising on a scale of its own. Thousands visited the City Quays over the Festival weekend. See ..Here.. for pictures and details.....See also Powerpoint ... History of the Naval Service ..

September 1996
Presentation of framed Naval Association Pendants to all those who supported and sponsored the Maritime Festival. This function was hosted in the Lord Mayor's Residence and was attended by the Lord Mayor of Dublin and many other dignitaries.

September 1996

Following the extensive programme of events and the succes of the Dublin Maritime Festival, disappointment was expressed that the Naval Association received no invitation to attend the Defence Forces Parade to mark the 50th Anniversary of the ending of the Emergency on August 31st. The Secretary agreed to write to the Office of the Chief of Staff expressing our disappointment.

on the 7th November an apology was received from the Assistent Chief of Staff Brig-Gen Pat Nowlan.

Feb 1997

Terry Cummins as PRO briefed the meeting on the proposed trips and visits during 1997 which would include the following:-
  • March...Return Visit to New York and Boston
  • June...Visit to Dublin by Birkenhead Branch RNA
  • (Early) September INA visit to RNA in Birkenhead
  • (Late) September Cruise the Shannon
  • Christmas Dinner and Dance 19th December

March 1997
The second visit by the The Naval Association to New York and Boston. This trip included a guided tour of the USS Salem a WW2 Battle Cruiser and a visit to the oldest commissioned vessel afloat the USS Constitution. The trip also included a trip to the Boston Ski Resort for a days skiing. ....... see ...Video of trip...and must see We Ski in Boston

June 1997
First visit to Dublin from the Birkenhead branch of the Royal Naval Association. The Naval Association met the Royal Naval Association group off the Irish Ferry at Dun Laoghaire and brought the group on an open top twin deck Bus to the Maritime Museum. After the visit to the Museum they were treated to a tour of Dublin City and a reception hosted by the Dublin Lord Mayor at the Lord Mayor's Mansion.
Following the reception they were off again this time to the famous Guinness Hop Store where they visited the Guinness Plant and Museum. Many free pints of Guinness was sampled before moving off to the Westmanstown Social Centre for the The Naval Associations official welcome to the Royal Naval Association Group followed by presentations and dinner.

July 1995

Waterford Branch announce their plans to organise a trip to San Diego in March 1998

August 1997
36 members of The Naval Association paid a return visit to the Birkenhead Branch of the Royal Naval Association. Our visit included a tour of Liverpool Docks and a visit to the Submarine Onyx and a British Destroyer based at Liverpool. The sad part of this trip was that it clashed with the funeral of Princess Diane but our hosts wanted to continue with their plans for our visit. At exactly 11 a.m. the time of the funeral both groups the Naval Association and the Royal Naval Association stood in silence at a war memorial in some small little country village outside Liverpool as a mark of respect to Princess Diane. A very nice dinner and reception was hosted by the Royal Naval Association at the end of our visit that evening.

September 1997
The Naval Association invaded the waterways of the River Shannon. 60 members and wives on board 10 of the biggest river cruisers available spent 7 days cruising the rivers and lakes of the Shannon River during one of the warmest weeks on record for that time of year. This beautiful warm weather was ideal for the evening barbecues and the other activities held during the week.

March 1998
members of the Naval Association from Dublin and Waterford travelled to Miami in Florida and then on to the largest Naval Base in the USA at Coronado in San Diego. Our host at the Naval Base on St. Patrick’s Day was Admiral Veronica Froman the top female Admiral in the US Navy. (See visit to San Diego)

June 1998
Naval Association Reception at the Dublin Lord Mayors Residence (The Mansion House). Present were The Lord Mayor, The US Ambassador Mrs.Jean Kennedy-Smith (sister of President Kennedy), The Flag Officer of the Naval Service Commodore John Kavanagh and Col. William Torpe (US Military Attaché) and over 100 guests. A presentation was made to the US Ambassador and Col.Torpey in recognition of their contributions to the success of our visits to the United States.

August 1998
The Naval Association set-up the Communications Division for the duration of the visit to Dublin of over 100 Sailing Vessels participating in the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race. This includes 16 large "A" Class Vessels including The Vessels "Sedov", "Kruzenshtern", "Libertad", "Dar Mlodzlezy", "Mir", "Gloria" etc. see the Cutty Sark Tall Ship Story

A VHF Course for Naval Association members operating the communication for the upcoming Tall Ships visit was conducted by Tom kelly at the Port Centre.

The Chairman reported that permission was granted by Commodore John Kavanagh F.O.C.N.S that, the presentation of the Chain of Office to the President of the Naval Association Piaras O'Connor, will take place in the Naval base on Sunday 6th September and a function to be held in the NCO's Mess Haulbowline on Saturday 5th September. The presentation will take place after Mass which will be celebrated by our Chaplin Fr. Des Campion

September 1998

Presentation of a Gold Chain of Office to our President Mr. Piaras O'Connor by Commodore John Kavanagh Flag Officer of the Naval service. The presentation took place at 1200 hrs on the main square of the Naval Base. It was also the 80th birthday of our President who was one of the first to join the new Marine Service set up at the outbreak of WW2. See....Here for pictures

November 1998
The Naval Association was invited by Paddy Harte T.D. to participate in the Inauguration of the Island of Ireland Peace Park at Messines in Belgium, by President Mary McAleese in the presence of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and HRH The King of the Belgiums. 50 members of the Naval Association participated. .

Some months prior to the Inauguration of the "Journey of Reconcilitation" the Naval Association helped Paddy Harte set-up the "Island of Ireland Peace Park" web site.
As the Internet was in its early stages of development, Terry Cummins of the Naval Association trained Paddy's Staff in the setup of the webpages and trained the staff in the useof emails.

As a thank you to our Association Paddy Harte included the Naval Association President Piaras O'Connor on the official guest list at the reception hosted by the Irish President Mary McAleese and to meet her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and HRH King of the Belgiums.

50 special places was reserved on the VIP stand for the members of the Irish Naval Association attending the Inauguration.

See Video of Ceremony Messines Peace park 1998

March 1999
74 members of the Association travelled to Clonea Strand Hotel, Waterford, for three days of Golf, Snooker, and Ten Pin Bowling. See.....Pictures

May 1999
50 members paid a weeklong visit to the D-Day Landing sites at Normandy and the United States, British and German War Cemeteries. See Normandy visit

June 1999
48 members of the Association travelled to Holyhead in Wales to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the loss of the HMS Submarine "Thetis" and 99 of her crew plus a diver who died in the rescue attempt in June 1939. Click here for details of the loss of "HMS Thetis"

September 1999
48 of our members travelled to the Battle Sites of WW1 once again to find the graves of the relatives of our members who died in the Great War. This took our party to Ypres, Theipval and again to Messiness to visit the Peace Park where our President laid a wreath at both the Peace Tower and the grave of Major William Redmond. See details

Here are more Pictures

1st July 2000
Return trip to cruise the river Shannon for one week.

17th-24th September 2000

8 day visit by coach to Paris and St. Malo France....See...details

September 2001,
59 of our members travelled to Italy visiting Venice, Verona, Florence, Pisa, Lake Garda and then 7 days at the Irish College and a special visit and Mass at the Vatican and Audience with Pope John Paul 2.

16th September 2001
28 members of The Irish Naval Association were guests of the Birkenhead Branch of the Royal Naval Association. This was the second invitation for our members to participate in the annual parade and memorial service, the celebrant was Revd. John Williams M.B.E. The salute was taken by Cmdr. Henry Harley, and Captain Colin Lee, also invited to take the salute was Lt.Cdr Frank Lynch (vice-President of the Irish Naval Association).

See .. Here..for pictures.

18th November 2001

Unveiling of a stained glass window by The Irish Prime Minister, An Taoiseach Mr. Bertie Ahearn T.D. at the Garrison Church, Cathal Brugha Barracks. The window was commissioned by The Naval Association in memory of the deceased members of The Marine Service (1939-1946), The Maritime Inscription (1939-1947), The Naval Service, and An Slua Muiri (now renamed The Naval Service Reserve)

See details click here

In 2002
our Association took 10 Cruisers down the Shannon for 7 days.

14th October 2003
Dublin and Limerick Branch participate in ceremonies in Ennistymon to commemorate men from Clare who gave their lives in WW1.

See:- Here for details

started a sad year with the Tsunami disaster. The Naval Association raised over €2000 for the Red Cross appeal. In February the Flag Ship of the Navy L.E. Eithne travelled on its longest Journey ever to Argentina. Once again the Naval Association raised over €2000 to donate to the fund set up by LE Eithne to assist the poor in Argentina.

May 2006
Visit to Aras and President Mary McAleese


September 2006
65 members of the Naval Association travelled to Ginchy and Guillemot in France to attend the ceremonies commemorating the Irish Victories 90 years ago in the recapturing these two Towns from the Germans. The President of the Naval Association Lt.Cdr.Robert Mulrooney laid a wreath at both the Irish and French memorials in Ginchy and Guillemot. Lt.Matt Comiskey (SM) Retd. Accepted a certificate from the Mayor of Ginchy on behalf of his relatives in recognition of his Uncle Patsy who lost his life during the Battle for Ginchy on 9th September 1916. See.. Details..


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Easter Rising Ceremonies... Unfortunately the Naval Association were not invited to participate in the Easter Commemoration ceremonies here in Ireland for the 1916 rising, however, the Naval Association hosted a lavish Banquet Celebration in Dublin Castle on 11th November to commemorate the Easter Rising and the 90th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. ...See


March 7th 2007
(Wednesday)Visit to Nautical College in Cork. Guided tour of College followed by lunch at the Naval Base and a tour of the Base.

See ...Details..

September 8th 2007
7 days trip on River Shannon on 10 Cruisers See for Details

December 7th 2007
3 nights stay at the Granville Hotel. All en-suite. Saturday Afternoon tour of Waterford Crystal followed in the evening by our Christmas dinner and dance at the Granville Hotel. Music by Tommy Carroll.
December 9th (Sunday) Waterford Annual Mass for deceased members of the Naval Association. Music at the Barrack Street Band will provide the Mass. Following the Mass Waterford will host a reception at the GAA Club when, Following Lunch at the Club, music was provided by Dick Quinn on Keyboard.

May 2008

164 members of the Naval Association took their First Cruise on the Mediterranean.

See.. Details...

May 2009
74 members of the Naval Association took their second Cruise this time up from Venice to Croatia and down to the Acropolis.

See.. Details...

December 2010

Presentation dinner in the Mansion house to honour Commodore Frank Lynch who retired from the Naval Service on the 17th December 2010


May 2011

67 members of the Naval Association took their third Cruise this time up the Norwegian Fjords.

See.. Details...

See ..Ships tour Video

See Norwegian Fjords Scenery

September 2011

45 members of the Naval Association paraded to the Cenetoph in London for the Royal Naval Association Bi-Annual Parade.

see... Details..

April 2012
4o members of the Naval Association attended the Royal Naval Association Annual Re-Union in Manchester.
May 26th/27th 2012

145 members and guests of the Naval Association attended a Black Tie Dinner at at the D Hotel in Drogheda as part of the commemoration and Plaque unveiling by President Michael D Higgins to L/S Michael Quinn DSM

See details of those attending ... Click ..Details..

March 9th 2014

The President of the Irish Naval Association Mr. Declan Pendred, unveiled a memorial at the Garrison Church, Cathal Brugha Barracks, Dublin, on the 9th March 2014.

The memorial is dedicated to honour and salute those who served in the:-

  • Marine Service (1939-1946).
  • The Maritime Inscription (1939-1947)
  • The Naval Service (1946 and current)
  • An Slua Muiri (1947 to 2008)
  • Naval Service Reserve (2008 and current)
Over 150 attended the unveiling ceremony. Great work was carried out by the Army personell at Cathal Brugha Barracks and the lovely condition of the Barracks itself and the grass well trimmed and not a stone unturned added to the occassion and even the weather was excellent.

See a Powerpoint presentation with music added in memory of our deceased members

Also see Photo's of.....Deceased Members


June 2014 36 members of the Irish Naval Association attended the Royal Naval Association memorial dedication at the memorial arboretum. The beautiful memorial was unveiled by HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

It was a sad occasion for our group while heading to our coach to take us back to our Hotel on the Friday night following an excellent nights entertainment our colleague Jack English collapsed as he entered the Bus. Despite every effort by the RNA experienced medical staff it was too late to save Jack and he was dead by the time the Ambulance arrived

June 19th/22th 2015 The Royal Naval Association Annual Conference held in The Grand Burstin Hotel, Folkestone on the 19th to 22nd June 2015. 48 Members of the Irish Naval Association attended. As previous, the conference spread over 3 days included a Gala Dinner on the Saturday night. It was a nice tribute to the Irish Naval Association that Commodore Slawson RNA proposed a toast to the President of Ireland Michael D Higgins.

As an added bonus the Grand Burstin Hotel provided a coach on Saturday for a free days trip to France for those who would like to go shopping and sight-seeing in France.

See photo's

Sept 2015

Once again the Royal Naval Association invited the Irish Naval Association to participate and march with the RNA in their Bi-Annual Parade to the Cenotaph War Memorial in London. In our photo is Commodore Mark Slawson who welcomed our group prior to the parade. Our President Declan Pendred was invited by the RNA to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of the Irish Naval Association.

See.... ....Details
October 2015 Ballydavid in Dingle Co Kerry is the home of former Petty Officer (NS) Mick Johnson. Every Year Ballydavid hold a Mass and commemoration for the 25 Fishermen who lost their lives at sea over the years. The Parish Priest Asked Mick Johnson if it was possible for the Irish Naval Association to participate

See.... ....Details

It was also the weekend of the Dingle Food Festival. For 4 hours on the Saturday afternoon 8 members of the Naval Association collected €2,500 for the RNLI

31 members of the Irish Naval Association including Wives and Partners were invited to participate in the Saint Patrick's Day festivities in Bally David and Ballyferriter Co. Kerry.According toi the Kerry Live Magazine the Irish Naval Association was involved in a World Premier by parading at Midnight the first Saint Patricks Day Parade in Ireland 2016

See some Photo's

Ballydavid 2016

2..Midnight Parade...
3.Mass in Ballyferriter