Irish Naval Association Video's updated 9th October 2020
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Welcome to the Irish Naval Association List of Youtube and Videos over the past Years. Lovely to look back on and see the many colleages who are no longer with us. When you click on the listing below the Video fills only a small part of the screen, to fill the full screen click the last small square box bottom right of the Video this should enlarge the Video to fill your Screen. Please also note that as it is a Youtube presentation when at an end Youtube will automatically go to the next on their list which might have nothing to do with the Naval Association so just press back space and go back to main page listing

Over the next few days 70 Video's will be added. Also some of the listing below may have no Photo but that wll be corrected in due course So lets begin and enjoy.

Our Deceased members

1..Function at Mansion House prior
to our departure for Boston 1996

2..More Video of first night at Fort Devens 1996

3..We Parade in Boston 1996

4.. USS Salem Boston 1996

5..INA Ski in Boston 1997

6..INA Visit to Menin Gate 1998

7..Mick Philbin President

8..Our First Shannon Cruise

9..INA Colours Presentation

10.Maritime Festival Foot and Arms Drill

11..Maritime Festival Programme

12.. Maritime Festival

13..Commissioning Limerick 1988

14..John Stuart RIP "Sings Rose of Allendale"
15..John Stuart RIP Sings "Nabucco"

16..Messines Peace Park Opening 1998

17..Con Donovan Visit to Grandads WW1 Grave

18..First Visit to Flanders

19..Guillimont and Ginchy

20..Matt Comiskey lays a wreath at Uncles WW1 Memorial

21..Sail Training on STY Creidne 1989

22..STY Creidne Sails to Isle of Man

23..Sail Training on STY Creidne

24..Lt Terry Cummins last trip on STY Creidne

25..First Cruise on Island Star

26..Cruise Venice

27..Tour of our Cruise Ship MS Orchestra

28.. Cruise the Norwegian Fjords

29..Liam Lines Feet of Flames

30..INA Parade with RNA to the Cenotaph

32.. No 2 Coy An Slua Muiri Xmas Party

33.Terry Cummins Commissioning Fort Camden

34..Terry Cummins Stand Down Parade

35..Wreath laying Cermony Ballydavid

36..Events Boston 1996

37..Events 1992-2017

38..More Events 1

39..More Events 2

40..Holyhead Ceremony HMS Thetis

41..Kieran Connors Entertains

42..Tony Murrays 70th Birthday Party

43..INA Parade to Cenotaph

44..Opening of Mayo Peace Park

45..Ballydavid 2017

46..Ballyferriter Mass

47..Old Navy Photos

48..Robert Mulrooney

49..Waterford 2016 Mass and afters in the GAA Club

50..Waterford Mass

51..Thomas Francis meagher Waterford 2013

52..Fort Camden 2013 Flag Ceremony

53..Fort Camden (Dirty old Town)

54..Fort Camden Old and New

55..Herbert McManus Photos

56..No 1 Coy Xmas Function

57..No 2 Coy Xmas Function Dick Larkin Sings

59..Piaras O.Connor 80th Birthday

60..Piaras O'Connor Chain of Office

61..Lovely Tribute to Piaras & Rose O'Connor

62..Recruits passing out Parade 1991

63..Recruits Passing out Parade 1992

64..Shay sings Anna Marie

65..Function in Westport Mick Philbin President

66..Xmas Truce 1914


68..St Patricks Day Ballydavid

69..Spanish Military Funeral

70..Limerick Shoot

71..Scatter Island

72 Kilmainham Jail

73..Folkstone 2015

74..Limerick Branch members