I remember in probably 1956 my late Brother Austin struggling into his new An Slua Muiri Uniform. He could not understand why there was a bulge in the front of his Jacket. It was only when he went up to Cathal Brugha that CPO Sean Lavin advised him he had the pants back to front.

In 1958 I asked my friend Christy King how would he like to come up to Cathal Brugha Barracks to join An Slua Muiri. So we both went up on the Tuesday night and joined No 1 Coy. I remember some of the members at that time, Phil O’Brien, Mick Byrne, Kieran Connors, Ronnie Lewis etc

It was within weeks as serving my apprenticeship as a Printer I had to go to evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I was allowed to transfer to No 2 Coy on Monday nights. The officers were Donal O’Byrne Ex Officer. Lt. Frank Lynch, Lt. Bill Reidy (Batman) Others were W/O Pierce Ward, CPO Sean Lavin, C/P/O Dick Larkin, CPO Ollie Gowan, Jimmy Oliver, Frank Wynne, Con Lyons, Gerry DeRenzy, Audie Devlin.

I remember I was issued with my working rig and boots the working rig was not the regulation Blue Boiler Suit but a two piece brown jacket and pants this was after passing my medical and sworn in to serve for 4, 9, and then 21 Years.

My first Camp was in July 1958 to Fort Camden and that was the start of 38 Years of a wonderful life in No 2 Coy An Slua Muiri (we are not the Slua we are No 2)

I will add to this later. Would like other former members to tell a liitle abiout their time in the Naval Service and An Slua Muiri, and I will post them to our webpages. Cummins T