The members of the Irish Naval Association who volunteered to help with the "Light up a light for Life" event at our Lady's Hospice in harold's Cross were in for a big surprise.

Following the terrible storms and rain for the past few days, today was a lovely Day with no rain or wind. We were well received by the staff and organisers and on arrival we were treated with Tea/Coffee and sandwiches. It was surprising how many organisations support this very wordy cause to help raise money for the Hospice. Our colleagues from the Army were there in large numbers and provided a tent with hot soup free to all who wanted soup. The Reserve Defence Forces also there in large numbers looked after placing the hundreds if not thousands of lighted candles beneath the Christmas Tree after the ceremonial switching on of the Christmas Tree Lights.

Some of the many lighted candles placed at the Christmas Tree
The lovely Crib close to the Christmas Tree

The member of the Army Reserve who placed our candle at the Tree for our deceased members
Bryan Gildea, Sean Brennan, Pierse Poswer, Terry Cummins, Brian and Alan Farrell

It was great to see the Gardai also there in large numbers who also volunteered their services free including Garda Stephen Pendred son of our President Declan Pendred.

A huge Stage was erected in the Car Park and again great performers gave their services free including Finbar Furey. It was unfortunate I did not get to film Finbar as he sang "Sweet Sixteen" however, he could be clearly heard over the amplified speakers around the grounds.

Other performimg groups included St.Judes Folk Group, Palestrina Boys Choir, and the CIE Male Voice Choir.

I was delighted I had the opportunity to film the closing ceremony prior to the official light up the Christmas tree and the placing of the candles. Glad to say I placed a candle on behalf of all our deceased members.

Hope you enjoy some of the Video of the occassion. It was also nice that the presence of the Irish Naval Association was acknowledged from the Stage

See below link to the beautiful rendering of "Light up my Life" from the Stage at Our Lady's Hospice, Dublin

Light up my Life

and for all the Liverpool Fans "When you walk through a STORM"

Choir sings Walk On