<html><center><table width=900mm border="1"><td> <b>Saturday 21/7/18</b><p align="justify"> This is my report for the Military Guard Ceremony held today at the National Memorial in Merrion Square Dublin. It is the National Memorial to members of the Defence Forces who died in the service of the State.The Flag Officer Commanding Naval Service (FOCNS) was in attendance along with one of the Deputy Chief of Staff Support (DSOS) Major General Kevin Cotter with his wife.<p align="justify"> The Units taking part today were Naval Service, Haulbowline and 1 Artillery Regiment Collins Barracks Cork. It was a lovely Ceremony lasting about a hour and in my opinion a larger crowd gathered than last year when we were soaked. The personnel who organize the Ceremony are trying very hard to encourage more members of the public to attend as it was advertised on a number of Radio Stations.<p align="justify"> There was a very small number of members of the Irish Naval Association (INA) present. The ONE and the UN Vets were well represented. I laid a wreath on behalf of the INA <p align="justify"> <b>Bryan Gildea<br> President of the Irish Naval Association</b> <p></table><br><br> <center><table width=900mm border="1"><td> <center><b>Presidents Report Saturday 14/7/18.<p align="justify"> The Irish Naval Association was invited to take part in Frances National Day to be held in the the Ambassadors Residence on Ailesbury Road Ballsbridge Dublin. The Ambassador H.E.Stephane Crouzat welcomed everyone reminding us that if Brexit goes ahead France will be our nearest European Neighbour.<p align="justify"> The invited guests included TDs Senators, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Army Personnel,Business Leaders and Representatives from different religions. <p align="justify"> Music was provided by Sharon Shannon Band and Mellow Tonics Choir It was a lovely evening with plenty of sunshine and lots to eat and drink. <p align="justify"> I would like to thank our National PRO Mr Terry Cummins for making the necessary arrangements. <p align="justify"> <b>Sunday 15/7/18.<br> Bernie and I were invited back on the Sunday with about 200 guests to watch the World Cup between France and Croatia at the French Ambassadors Residence. The weather was not the best with rain making a appearance for the first time in about four weeks but the Irish Army came to our assistance with very large tents for Shelter ,Food and Drink. The atmosphere was good and everyone went away very happy with the result France 4 Croatia 2 <p align="justify"> <b>Bryan Gildea.<br> President of the Irish Naval Association</b></td></table> <center><table width=900mm border="1"> <td><img src="collins.jpg" width=390mm align="left"><img src="gildea44.jpg" width=170mm align="left"> <font size="4"><p><center><b> <b>Saturday 7th July Island Bridge Ceremonies<p> <b>Sunday 8th July National Dauy of Commemoration, Collins Barracks, Dublin</b><p> Irish Naval Association President, Bryan Gildea, and over 50 members attended the National Day of Commemoration at Collins Barracks, Dublin ....<a href="http://www.irishnavalassociation.ie/islandbridge.htm"><p>INA President's Report</a> </td></table><br><br><table width=900mm border="1"> <td><img src="rna1.jpg" width=300mm align="left"><b>Royal Navy Association Conference in Dun Laoghaire. 9/10th June 2018<p></b> <a href="rnaconference.htm">RNA Conference</a><p></td> </table><br><br><table width=900mm border="1"> <td> <img src="anzac.jpg" width=300mm align="left"> <center><b>This is my report for the Ceremony to Commemorate Anzac Day.</center><p> <p align="justify">Wednesday 25/4/2018 </b>eight members of the Irish Naval Association</b> along with members of the Erskine Childers Branch attended the Anzac Dawn Service in Grangegorman Military Cemetery.<p> There was a large attendance including the following, Mr Richard Andrews Australian Ambassador, Father Seamus Madigan Head Chaplin , Col Sue Graham CSC Australian Defence Force Rep, LT Col Mick Alexander New Zealand Defence Force Rep, Mr Charles Flanagan TD Minister for Justice and Equality, Minister of State for the Dept of Defence Mr Paul Kehoe TD. Vice Admiral Mark Mellett DSM Chief of Staff of the Irish Defence Forces. <p> <b>I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr Liam Lyons a speedy recovery Liam has not been to well lately. <p> </td> </table> <center><table width=900mm border="1"> <td> <img src="gildea.jpg" width=200mm align="left"> <b>Irish Naval Association President Bryan Gildea report on AGM Saturday 24th March and our Annual Mass for the deceased members of the L/S Michael Quinn DSM Branch.</b> <p align="justify"> 24/3/18 National Executive Meeting in Cathal Brugha Barracks The meeting was well attended with all the officers present and delegates from Cork ,Dublin and Limerick along with observers, Limerick were well represented with a large number of members attending. We had the annual reports from the President, Secretary, Treasurer. The treasurer Mr Terry Cummins reported that on the renewal date for our the Annual Insurance, we have a more competitive quote with a saving of Approx 500 <br>The Clothing Officer Mr Gerry Mulligan reported that we have no Plaques and is trying source a supplier to supply small numbers. Our Vice President Mr Andy MacSharry passed around a template of a Certificate that could be used until we get Plaques . Under any other business we had fourteen points that Limerick submitted last year that they wanted clarification on which has still not been resolved it was decided to hold a special NEC meeting in June to resolve the outstanding issues. <p align="justify"> <b>25/3/18 Annual Mass for Deceased Members held in Cathal Brugh Barracks.</b> <p align="justify"> Our Chaplain Fr Des Campion was not available but the Chaplain attached to CB Fr.David was available assisted by our very own Deacon Jimmy Fennel who is a member of the INA. Our National PRO Mr Terry Cummins called out the names of our deceased members and members of the family's brought up a candle to the Alter. Our Branch is named after L/S Michael Quinn and the first candle lit and placed on our window was in memory of L/S Quinn <p align="justify"> <center><img src="vips.jpg" width=600mm></center> The following were in attendance the CO of the Barracks Lt Col Ray Murphy , Lt Niall McCarthy representing the Flag Officer, Lt Conor Smyth representing the naval Reserve also the British Military Attach Col. Max. Walker, USA Military was represented by a Sargent from the USA Embassy, Mr Simon Manmourey Australian Embassy. The Irish Coast Guard was represented by Mr Eugune Cloonan Civil Defence Royal Navy Association, The ONE was well represented ,Also in attendance were members of the INA from Waterford ,Cork and Limerick. There was a large turnout of families of deceased members which is always good to see. <p> <center><img src="medals2018.jpg" width=600mm></center> Service Medals were presented to the following Mr Neil O Donnell, Mr John Graham and Mr Edward Larkin. <br> <center><img src="neville.jpg" width=600m</center><br> <b>Neville Brennan with Stephen Murray and Brian Herron<p align="justify"></b> I also presented two special awards to a Taxi man and a Fire Man who came to the assistance of Neville Brennan who is a member of the INA and was in a very serious car crash and the quick action of the Taxi Man and the Ambulance Man saved Neville's Life. <p align="justify"> Neville carries out a collection at our monthly meetings for Bru na Bhfiann the House in Nrt King St that caters for Ex Military Personnel, our Treasurer Mr Kieran Connors presented a cheque to Mr Ollie O Connor the Chief Executive of the ONE for the amount of 500E which was collected during the year. After the mass all our members fell in and the Colours were paraded I laid a wreath at our Memorial Stone outside the Church for our deceased members..We then retired to the Men's Club where we had Tea / Coffee sandwiches and plenty of finger food. I made a presentation of a bouquet of flowers to Mrs Martha O Neill who was our Organist on the day. <p align="justify"> I would like to thank the following for organizing the Mass the Social Committee led by Mrs Bernie Mc Guirk, the Dublin Branch Officers led by our Chairman Brian Farrell our Nat Sec Mr Declan Pendred our Nat Pro Mr Terry Cummins our readers Mr Sean Brennan, Mr Paudy Mc Caughey and all our members who turned up on the day. Thanks to one and all.<p align="justify"> <b> Bryan Gildea.<br> President of the INA</b></td></table><br> <center><table width=900mm border="1"><td><center><img src="quinn18.jpg" width=800mm </td><tr><td> <p align="justify"><b> Sunday 28/1/2018</b><font size=4> The Michael Quinn Branch of the Irish Naval Association Dublin held a Commemoration Parade at the Plaque in Drogheda that was unveiled a few years back by the President of Ireland Michael D Higgins to Honour the unselfish bravery and devotion to duty of L/S Michael Quinn (DSM) and A/B Paul Kellett (DSM). Michael and Paul were on board LE Deirdre which was at anchor during a severe Gale in Laurances Cove in Bantry Bay on the night of the 30/1/1990 when a distress call came in seeking help for a sinking Spanish fishing vessel the Nueestra Senora De Gardtoza with sixteen seamen on board that had gone aground in Bantry Bay. The two Seamen volunteered to go and offer assistance to the sinking vessel but as they were returning to LE Deirdre the Gemini they were in capsized throwing the two men into the water. Paul scrambled over rocks and flagged down a passing Garda patrol and the alarm was raised a search was carried out for Michael but unfortunately his body was found the next day.The King of Spain also awarded the Spanish Cross of Naval Merit to both men for their Bravery on the night. The parade on Sunday was well attended with personnel from the following Organizations INA, UN Vets. RNA, ONE, and members of the Quinn family. Peter Quinn Michaels brother had arranged for sandwiches and finger food in a local Hostelry which we all retired to.<br><b> <center><table width=900mm border="1"> <td><center><b><font size="3"><img src="quinn.jpg" width=200mm align="left"><center> <br><br><font size=4> <b>In 1994 the members of the Dublin Branch Irish Naval Association changed its name to "The Leading Seaman Michael Quinn DSM Branch" in honour of L/S Quinn and the tragic loss of his young life while attempting a rescue of Spanish Seamen from their stricken Fishing Vessel on rocks in terrible Sea conditions off Bantry Bay <br><br> <br><br> <a href="http://homepage.eircom.net/~navalassociation/quinn.htm">Leading Seaman Michael Quinn DSM </a> </td> </table><br> <br><br> <table width=900 border="1"> <td> <p align="justify"><font size=4> <b>Tuesday 20/2/18 </b>Attended the funeral of Ms Patsy King in Dundrum Co Dublin. Patsy was the wife of Christy King who was a member of An Slua Muiri from 1958 and a member of the Irish Naval Association since 1992. Patsy and her family had regularly attended our annual mass for deceased members in Cathal Brugha Barracks.It was nice to see some of his old mates at the funeral. <p align="justify"><br> <b>Wednesday 21//2/18</b> Attended the funeral for Ms Theresa Hayes ( Tess ) in Artane Dublin. Tess was the wife of Tom Hayes and mother of Aidan who is a SCPO in the Irish Naval Reserve, Tom was also in the Irish Naval Reserve going back a long number of years. There was a large attendance of personnel at the funeral from the following. Irish Navy, Irish Naval Reserve, Irish Naval Association and the Erskine Childers Branch. There were two moments at the Graveside which is worth mentioning. <p align="justify"> 1 A bottle of Jameson was passed around with little plastic cups to toast Tess and her long life. <p align="justify"> 2 Her sisters and nieces broke into song which was lovely and brought a smile to every ones face. <p align="justify"> <b>Bryan Gildea<br> <b>President<br> Irish Naval Association.</td></table></html>