History of the Irish Naval Association 1962-1990

In 1961 following a ceremonial presentation of Colours to An Slua Muiri to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Maritime Inscription it was proposed that a Naval Association should be formed and that former members of the Maritime Inscription should be encouraged to join.

On the 27th August 1962 a meeting was held in the Maritime Institute in Dun Laoghaire and chaired by Mr.P Le Clerc. Mr Le Clerc proposed that an association of former members of the Maritime Inscription and An Slua Muiri should be established and called the Irish Naval Association. The motion was carried unanimously. It was also proposed that Mr. P Le Clerc and Mr.E Murphy would arrange an Inaugurial meeting in October and invite as many former members of the Maritime Inscription and An Slua Muiri.

The first Inaugurial meeting of the Irish Naval Association was held on the 1st October 1962 in the Nautical College, West Pier, Dun Laoghaire. In attendance were:-

Col. A.T. Lawlor (first Director of the Marine and Coast Watching Service and the Maritime Inscription) who chaired the meeting

Mr. Eoin Fox
Mr. P. Le Clerc
Mr. E. McNally
Mr. A. O'Reilly
Mr. W. Dalton
Mr. J. McAsey
Mr. D. Byrne
Mr. L. Kearns
Mr. P. Wylie
Mr. A. Thompson
Mr. S. O'Hanlon
Mr. E. Murphy
Mr. B Mulvey
Mr. D. Beirne
Mr. P.Comerford
Mr. D. Glynn
Mr. T. Plunkett
Mr. A Riddle
Mr. W Deegan

Following an election of a committee, the following persons were elected.

Chairman... Mr. E McNally
Secretary...Mr. B Mulvaney
Treasurer...Mr. A O'Reilly

It was further agreed that membership of the Irish Naval Association would also include former members of the Marine Service and the Naval Service.

In July 1963 paid up membership stood at 52. A Draft of the proposed Irish Naval Association Constitution was read and further amendments was added.

At a general meeting held in the Nautical College, West Pier, Dun Laoghaire on the 10th February 1964 the constitution of the Irish Naval Association was passed uninamously.

At this Inaugurial Meeting a President Mr. E.McNally and a Vice President Mr.P.Le Clerc were also elected.

On the 30th July 1963, Following negotiations between the committee members of the Irish Naval Association and members of the Naval Branch ONE it was unanimously agreed there should be one strong Naval Association so the Naval Branch O.N.E have withdrawn their affiliation to O.N.E. and have joined the Irish Naval Association.

On the 26th Nov 1963 the chairman read a letter from a Mr.Duggen in Limerick who was enquiring about the Naval Association as a group in Limerick were intending to form a similar association. At the January meeting on the 13th January 1964 the chairman Mr.McNally updated the meeting on the proposal of the Limerick Group to join the Association. The Chairman welcomed their intention of joining the Naval Association and advised they adhere as closely as possible to the new Naval Association Constitution, as it would be an advantage to have unanimity when other Branches were formed.

On the 8th February 1965 it was agreed that the group in Limerick will be known as the Limerick Branch of the Naval Association. It was also reported that the former Naval Branch O.N.E would now be called the Cork Branch of the Naval Association. Both Branches in Cork and Limerick have adopted the Constitution of the Naval Association. It was also been proposed that, as there was a large number of former members of both the Naval Service and An Slua Muiri living in Dublin a Dublin Branch should be formed. It was further agreed that there would be a meeting held to establish a central council.

A meeting was held in the central Hotel in Dublin to establish a central council. The following was elected.
President:- Commander George Crosbie (Cork)
Vice-President Mr. Duggan (Limerick)
Secretary:- Mr. J. Ducie (Dun Laoghaire)
Treasurer:- Mr. P Le Clerc (Dun Laoghaire

In 1967 several representations by Commodore Tommy Mckenna (retd) patron of the Naval Association to FOCNS Commodore P Kavanagh, and the Staff of the Defence Forces and then Minister for Defence, 27th April 1967 the Flag Officer Captain Peter Kavanagh confirmed he had no objection to the Naval Association and serving personnel being members. Ref:- 3/74990 Naval Headquarters

Comdt P Flynn replied on behalf of the Chief od Staff
" I am directed by the Chief od Staff to say there is no objection to serving personnel being members of the Naval Association. Ref: 10/5/1967

Commodore McKenna wrote to the Minister for Defence.

"I have been requested by the President and Executive Council of the Naval Association of which I am Patron to forward the Constitution of the Naval Association for your perusal with a request that the association may be added to the list of Ex Defence Forces Organisations enjoying the blessing of the Minister for Defence.

In March 1967 Commodore Mckenna sent the following to the Minister for Defence
To the best of our recollection this constitution was submitted to your office at the time of its adoption in 1964 but can trace no correspondance to to bear this out, hence the submission at this late stage.

In reply to this correspondance the then Minster for Defence Oliver J. Flanagan TD replied in May 1967 that there was no recollection of having received the constitution of the Naval Association but he had no objection to such an association or Serving Officers, NCO's and Ratings been members of such an association.

The Naval Association established in 1962 saw a sharp fall off in attendence during the late 1980's and eventually activities ceased in 1990.