Good Morning fellow members of the Irish Naval Association and our very important Associate members. I hope you are all keeping well and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. I know our members and they are doing what is expected from them, being careful and doing nothing foolish. The passing of CPO Paud (Paul) Daly Retd NS Cadre Staff Slua Muiri Dublin in the last week has brought it home to me how our shipmates are passing away and we cant Honour them in our normal way. Paud was a gentleman who had time for everyone and went about his job in a very quite and professional manner. Let us also remember some of our members who have passed away since we were forced to stop meeting due to the Coronavirus. I am thinking of Brian Keogh and Brendan ( Cider ) Lyons. I will miss Brian as he always made a valuable contribution to our meetings,was also a great man for reading and bring books up to the meeting. Brendan on the other hand did not attend many meetings in recent times maybe because his friend Paddy Redmond had passed away a few years back and they used to attend our meetings together. Brendan had a boat on the Shannon and spent a lot of his time on it. Because there is no way in the near future that we will be back attending our meetings can I ask each and everyone of you to make contact with at least one other member of our Association till we meet up again. I will start the ball rolling today

Ni Neart Go Cur Le Cheile
Bryan Gildea.
President of the Irish Naval Association